Thursday, February 20, 2020

Government Car – Like The Dawn

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Government Car – Like The Dawn [1997]

by Sugar Music News

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Friday, February 14, 2020

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Monday, February 3, 2020

Airborne - Winter Music Collection- Jazz - Fusion - Funk - High Energy Contemporary Jazz - Wav & MP3 320 Downloads

Airborne - Winter Music Collection- Jazz - Fusion - Funk - High Energy Contemporary Jazz - Wav & MP3 320 Downloads

Airborne - Winter Music Collection - Let this very upbeat music of Airborne set a fire in your heart and soul on a cold winter day
or evening - Let it take you on a Musical Journey to Destinations of Jazz - Jazz Fusion - Jazz Funk - World Music - Jazz and R&B Vocals - High Energy Contemporary Jazz - Awesome – Exciting – Interesting – Powerful – Electrifying - Music for the World

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Hear the entire Arrangement, Solos, Emotion, and Musical Ideas of each Airborne Composition

Music that is Timeless, Inspirational, Motivational, Joyful, and always Feels So Good - Music for the World

Great Music by Airborne to Inspire, Motivate and Uplift you into this New Year of 2020 and this Season of Winter

Testimonials to the wisdom, endurance, spirit, determination and extraordinary talents of the contemporary jazz group Airborne
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Airborne has released many Award Winning and Chart Topping CDs and has received Worldwide Airplay and International Acclaim

Excellent Compositions, Outstanding Musicianship and Wonderful Arrangements - Airborne - Winter Music Collection

Airborne with a beautiful jazz trademark sound of Island Passion and Urban Emotion - Joyful Jazz that is Magical

The band’s hot rhythms and haunting melodies smoothly cruise in a cool atmosphere of music and voices

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Tilt Records - Radio Liners - Promo - Interviews - Licenses - Distribution - Email: - Phone: (203) 687-8834

Thank You for your Support of the Music of Airborne - Tilt Records Recording Artists - High Energy Contemporary Jazz

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

An update from Brian Hazard of Color Theory

An update from Brian Hazard of Color Theory
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How I'm Promoting My Music This Month
2020. It's really happening.

I published an article Monday called The Best Way to Promote Music in 2020. It summarizes my current advice and serves as a table of contents for what's still relevant on the site.

If you read the article you already know this, but...

Spotify flew me out to Brooklyn for an interview a few months ago! The video is now live, edited way way down to a few choice sentences to suit the frenzied editing style:
I don't show up until 2:35, but the whole thing is worth watching
The reason it looks like I'm the giddiest person on earth is because the interviewer was smiling radiantly at me through the camera lens the entire time! I couldn't not smile back.

They also put together a little video "tip" featuring just me, which I posted on Twitter.

Anyway, it was a fun trip! I got to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which was over five hours split into two parts, with a dinner break.

This month I'll be working through more of the content at Indepreneur and most likely implementing their Fan Finder Method. Unless it's a total bust, expect a full report!

Beyond that, I'm going to be working with a PR company to launch my next single in the next few weeks. Many of my mastering clients have worked with PR companies, and without fail they always tell me, "They didn't do anything for me that I couldn't have done myself."

I have reason to believe that this time will be different. Without a doubt, this company is the best possible match for me and my music. If I'm wrong? Well, it won't be my first failed experiment.

Last but not least, this will be my last email through Mailchimp. It was free up to 2000 subscribers, and now that I passed 2600, it's $49.99 a month! If I stay, it'll be up to $100 in no time.

So if you get a confirmation email from FanBridge, you'll know why.

Until next month, let's hustle. 🕺


p.s. A fan authored my entire last album for the Rock Band 3 video game! Yes, people still play it. You can watch the entire thing "performed" on YouTube here.
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