Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rosemarie Ashley - Growing Up in Detroit

LIMON CO (IFS) - Kenny Smith's guest hostess Rosemarie Ashley, aka 'tude vox Ro discusses her musical website and how it was growing up in early Detroit. She talks about making choices in the face of financial uncertainty and how the love of family help get her through her life's setbacks and triumphant. How choosing a career over what she truly loved, and how she started to become a songwriter and writing that first song that eventually grew into the monster recording that has spread all over the world. Making choices at the right time in your heart and just taking chances in the music business against all the odds and the taste of sweet success. Check out her story at

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Association of Blog Talk Radio Hosts Membership Logo

LIMON CO (IFS) Believe it or not, everyone who is a host is a member automatically. You can click on this logo to add to your stationary or to your blogtalkradio page. Just place your Radio show name above the first line of the logo in large letters. You can make a poster out of it, if you wish. There are no dues or anything like that. We are going to setup a RSS so that you can add to your readership here too.