Monday, May 17, 2010

Riley Weston - KDTN BlogTalk Radio Interview

LIMON CO (IFS) - KDTN BlogTalk Radio One's Books and Music will feature Riley Weston tomorrow on the Blogtak Radio Network. If you miss the show, you can still here in on the radio demand playlist and iPod radio download.

Riley has worked as an actress and writer on many TV shows, including the hit television drama, Felicity and the popular TV movie, What About Your Friends. Riley also wrote and starred in the highly rated ABC television movie, Christmas at Water’s Edge. / She has a supporting lead in the indie feature film, Footprints. She plays a disturbed girl in Hollywood who dresses up as Super Girl. The movie is being released in 2010. It premiered at the Starz Denver Film Festival. / Her debut novel, before i go, has received three awards: an IPPY Award for Story Teller of the Year, the Grand Prize at The New York Book Festival, as well as the top honor as Best Fiction. And lastly, she received a Book Sense Pick Award. Riley is starring in the movie version of before i go, based on a script she wrote. The project is being developed now.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Barbara Holmes - Viewed With Suspicion

LIMON CO (IFS) - It's been along time coming for this exciting storyteller of Limon, Colorado. Holmes wastes no time in getting down and dirty in her new novel "Viewed With suspicion" by SDC Books. She is a terrific storyteller without a doubt. Holmes leaves no stone of emotion un-turned as she diggs deep into the international spy game of the major countries. It all starts with the prologue, which should be a part of the chapters, then you're hooked and can't put the book down.

BARBARA L. HOLMES, The author hails from Quincy, Massachusetts. She is a descendant of Miles Standish, the first military man to set foot on the soil of New England. From her Pilgrim forbearers she developed a love of the sea. and she followed in the footsteps of her father and joined the Navy. Upon completing her four year hitch she went to work for the federal government. Twenty four years later she retired from federal service and after kicking around Florida for a spell she decided to take Horace Greeley’s advise and “Go West.” Well the west ended at the Pike’s Peak region. Now far from the madding crowd of life in the big city of Tampa, Florida she found a haven working on an internationally renowned cattle ranch. She gave that life a couple of years of her time and then the writing bug took root. Viewed With Suspicion is her first endeavor but this will not be the last. The adventures of Greg Wilson and Pamela Olson will go on. However, Barbara could not escape the lure of the prairies and she is hard at work on a mystery. The character Sherry “Sherlock” Baker should tickle the fancy of the most discriminating of critics.