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Green Day Diss Bon Jovi, Praise The Hives | Kerrang! Radio | Music

Green Day Diss Bon Jovi, Praise The Hives | Kerrang! Radio | Music

Green Day Singer: ‘Worst Band’ Is Bon Jovi

Green Day Singer: ‘Worst Band’ Is Bon Jovi

by  | September 14, 2012 at 5:24 PM | GeneralMusic
MEMPHIS, TN (IFS) --If this is the worst band ever, God please let me be the second worst band on the planet, Amen. - KHS
Billie Joe Armstrong has a reputation for speaking his own mind even, it seems, when it comes to dissing beloved rock icons of the ’80s.
The Green Day frontman was quick to throw fellow rockers Bon Jovi under the bus in a candid interview with the U.K.’s Kerrang! Radio, admitting that — after 25 years of touring — the New Jersey combo were definitely his least favorite fellow musicians.
During the show, Armstrong was answering random questions from fans when someone inquired who were the best and worst bands Green Day had ever shared the stage with.
“The best is probably The Hives,” the 40-year-old rocker replied. “They’re a great live band. [As for the worst] Oh boy, I have to go with Bon Jovi.”
Armstrong didn’t elaborate on the reasons for his dislike, unfortunately, at least according to NBC News.
But he may have soon have an opportunity to re-evaluate his opinion — or, possibly, to have the world’s most awkward backstage conversation. Green Day and Bon Jovi are both set to appear at the at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas on Sept. 21 and 22.
At least this time the bands will be appearing on separate nights.
The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

“Happy Days” star Erin Moran is reportedly homeless

Former child actress and “Happy Days” star Erin Moran is reportedly homeless, according totabloid reports.
Moran, 51, and her husband Steve Fleischmann are said to be hopping from motel to motel after allegedly being thrown out of the Indiana trailer they were living in with Fleischmann’s ailing mother. The couple lost their California home in 2010 due to foreclosure.
A source tells the National Enquirer that Moran’s “partying” is to blame for her being asked to leave her mother-in-law’s trailer: She “was going out and coming home at all hours of the night, sometimes with her rowdy bar friends, and Steve’s mom just couldn’t take it anymore, so she told Erin to leave.”
The couple is said to be “blowing” the former actress’s “Happy Days” cash settlement she received earlier this year after she and several cast members sued for over merchandising rights.
Moran last appeared on TV in 2010′s “Celebrity Fit Club,” where she allegedly displayed “drunken behavior.”

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Rosemarie Ashley invited you to 'tude vox's event: It Matters Radio Show

Listen to internet radio with It Matters Radio on Blog Talk Radio

Breaking Pop Artist Lachi Releases New Single "Make Some Noise"


New York, NY
Pop / Indie Pop / Pop Rock

Breaking Pop Artist Lachi Releases New Single "Make Some Noise" Release Date September 25 2012

The Rock-infused Social-Conscious Pop title track off her upcoming album Make Some Noise(releasing this January) is now available on all major retail outlets such as iTunes and Amazon!
New York emerging pop artist, musician and writer, Lachi is back, and here's the first single off her new album.  Praised on CWMTVOprah RadioOnion/AVSpin Earth and The Deli Mag among other, Lachi and her high-energy band set out to write an album with a positive message with a message.
Lachi’s music has been played on commercial, college, community, online and satellite radio as well as retail stores and restaurants around the country.
Click HERE to download the single from iTunes!

Be sure to visit for more information about Make Some Noise and Lachi's upcoming shows!

Please continue to support the dying art of creating music for the love of speakingn to the soul!


"The real deal!"  Derrick Ashong, Oprah Radio

"...redefines raw talent. She is amazing."  CW Morning News

"Lachi plays bright, soulful, piano-driven pop and cathartically sings about perseverance"  The Onion AV Club


Gizzi's Bar * Lounge & RestaurantNew York, NYFri Oct 19 1210:00 PMTickets
Webster HallNew York, NYFri Nov 09 1207:00 PMTickets
HoochapaloozaFairmont, WVSat Apr 27 1302:00 PM 

Internet Radio Fairness Act is better path to growth for webcasters and artist royalties

RAIN 9/27: Royalty fairness advocate Villasenor explains IRFA in Slate

Paul Maloney
UCLA professor John Villasenor has penned columns for Forbes, and a white paper for the Brookings Institution (where he's a nonresident senior fellow) that bring clarity to the matter of Internet radio royalties, calling for fairness in how actual rates are determined (we've covered these in RAIN here).
The idea Villasenor advocates, by the way, is the central goal of legislation introduced last week by Reps. Jason Chaffetz (pictured) and Jared Polis, and Sen. Ron Wyden, called theInternet Radio Fairness Act of 2012. That is, to instruct Copyright Royalty Board judges to base their determinations for Internet radio royalties on the same standard that is used for satellite and cable radio royalties -- known as 801(b).
This week Villasenor has an excellent and easy-to-understand piece advocating IRFA, published by Future Tense, a collaboration among Arizona State University, the New America Foundation, and Slate (read it here).
The 801(b) standard is a set of four criteria the U.S. Copyright Office has historically used to determine royalty rates for various uses of copyright, including all prevalent forms of digital radioexcept Internet radio. They are:
  • Maximize the availability of creative works to the public;
  • Insure a fair return for copyright owners and a fair income for copyright users;
  • Reflect relative roles of capital investment, cost, and risk, and;
  • Minimize disruptive impact on the industries involved.
Read 801(b) of the Copyright Act here.
By the late nineties, "the music industry, traditional broadcasters, and Congress were struggling to come to grips with the growth of then-new communications technologies enabling the delivery of perfect digital copies of songs to consumers," Villasenor explains. "But as so often happens when policy decisions are motivated more by fear of new technology than by recognition of the opportunities it creates, the resulting legislation ended up impeding growth rather than fostering it."
At the time, what was to become the Internet radio industry had little to no representation in Washington, certainly not like that of the music industry. Incumbent broadcasters, at the same time, while owning an even louder voice in Washington than the music industry, paid little attention to upstart digital technologies. So, not surprisingly, law crafted to manage music and digital technology was heavily influenced by the wants and needs of music labels, who saw the digital delivery of music as dangerous to their traditional business model.
The result was 1998's Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which put noninteractive digital audio services (Internet, cable, and satellite) "into two categories based on, among other things, a snapshot of the digital music broadcasting industry taken on July 31, 1998."
Services like Sirius and XM (now Sirius XM), Muzak, and Music Choice that existed by that time were "grandfathered in and given access to the 801(b) standard." The music industry, however, convinced lawmakers to abandon 801(b)'s aims to maximize the availability of works to the public, fairness to both sides, and minimum disruption, and change the standard for the new Internet radio medium. Thus, royalty judges were to decide royalties using a new standard, called "willing buyer/willing seller."
Villansenor explains, "Despite the innocuous-sounding name, willing buyer/willing seller requires identifying 'market' rates in the absence of a true competitive market. Unsurprisingly, this has produced skewed results."
The result can be seen in today's royalty landscape. The CRB-determined rates for SiriusXM using the 801(b) standard require 8% of the company's gross revenues for royalties in 2012 (up from 6% in 2008 and 7% in 2010). Pandora's 2012 royalty obligation, on the other hand, is almost 50% of its revenues. "And that is after a 2009 agreement provided a substantial discount to CRB willing buyer/willing seller rates that risked driving Pandora and other webcasters out of business."
Villasenor concludes, "For these reasons and more, the Internet Radio Fairness Act of 2012, which would move to a uniform 801(b) standard, is the far better path forward... Setting music royalty rates too low is unfair to recording artists, and lowers the incentive to create music. But if royalty rates are too high, as has occurred with Internet radio, companies providing broadcasting services will continually struggle to turn a profit, impeding market—and ultimately royalty—growth."
Again, read the entire article here.
Paul Maloney
Serial entrepreneur (and frequent RAIN Summit speaker) Michael Robertson (MP3Tunes, has launched UberTalk, a portal for online talk radio designed to allow listeners to find the content they like, regardless of its originating broadcaster.
"My premise is radio stations are a quaint artifact of regional spectrum licensing which made sense when slicing up AM/FM spectrum," an arrangement which "makes little sense on the world wide web. A more logical way of looking at radio would be to focus on the contentwhich is what attracts people," Robertson said today.
So, instead of sorting and searching by station, UberTalk steers users to find the programs they like, with a design that mimics the television "EPG," or electronic program guide. Listeners can find shows through the popularity-based rankings, or by category (sports, politics, etc.) and tune in instantly (via the site HTML5 player) to any show currently airing on any of thousands of radio stations.
Robertson explains, "Due to rebroadcasts and time zone shifts this means that many popular shows are available all throughout the day making radio programs more on-demand feeling." To listen to shows that are not currently airing, UberTalk uses time-shifting functionality from Robertson's
Try UberTalk here

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Peace Prize for Jailed Russian Girls Punk Band

MOSCOW – Yoko Ono, the artist and widow of legendary Beatles singer John Lennon, and Amnesty International have announced that members of Pussy Riot will be among this year’s winners of the Lennon Ono Grant for Peace. The group will be awarded an unspecified grant during a ceremony in New York City on Friday.

The Russian feminist punk collective became famous worldwide after Russian authorities put three members on trial for a subversive stunt in Moscow’s Christ the Savior Cathedral. In February members of the group jumped on the cathedral’s altar and performed what they called a “punk prayer,” begging for divine intervention to rid Russia of President Vladimir Putin.

Three of the women were charged with “hooliganism” and in August they were sentenced to two years in prison. In a statement on their website, organizers called for the their release and said the trial called “into question Russia’s policies towards freedom of speech and freedom of expression.”

The trial was also seen as an attempt by the Kremlin to intimidate the opposition amid an unprecedented protest movement that has called on Putin to step down and for early parliamentary elections to be held.
An appeal in the case will be heard on Oct. 1 and activists have announced plans to hold protests against their incarceration in over 100 cities around the world. Russian authorities are reportedly still searching for two other women wanted in connection with the February stunt. Pussy Riot announced on Twitter that the two had fled the country, but provided no further details.

Ahead of the August verdict the women received high profile support from global music icons including Madonna, Paul McCartney, Green Day and Sting.

Other recipients of the Lennon Ono Grant for Peace this year include peace activist Rachel Corrie, author and activist John Perkins, author and journalist Christopher Hitchens who died earlier this year, and another winner that organizers declined to name “for logistical reasons.”

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The Best Social Media Site for Bands

The Best Social Media Site for Bands
September 17, 2012
Simon Tam in Branding, Social Media, branding, social media, website
I often get asked: what’s the best social media site for bands? My business clients ask the same thing using different words: what is the best marketing channel to promote my brand? The idea that there is a magic formula or single solution to take care of all your needs is a misnomer. Where you should be promoting and the tools that you should be using should revolve around one main concept: where your target audience is. It’s as simple as that.
We often make things more complicated by adding in our own hurdles to success. We ask, what about fans who use multiple sites? What about our own website/mailing list? What about getting new fans? Those answers all are solved when you really understand who your target audience is. This is why I always say that buying followers is a bad idea…because not only are you buying spam/fake accounts, it does nothing for your real target audience.
Here are some helpful hints to help determine where you should stake your brand:
  • Your target audience is already there: If your fans/potential fans are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Mixi, Pinterest, etc. chances are that you should too. It’s an easy way for people to share about you and for content to become viral. However, it’s important to understand the nature of each of these sites..just because people are on the sites doesn’t mean that they’ll care about what you do on them. Whatever you do, it should resonate with the target audience there. I write about that here: How to Develop a Hardcore Fan Base.
  • When you have more than one audience: The same principles apply above if you have more than one target audience. For example, promoters are more likely to check out your ReverbNation than a casual fan.
  • Can you do it well?: If you don’t have time/the ability to create something of quality, perhaps you should wait until you can (or at least grow the skills before pushing the site). You don’t want to fragment your brand by creating several poorly managed, out of date websites. These do reflect on your band. Instead, focus on what you can do well and have time to keep fresh, relevant, and looking good.
  • Bring it all home: Whatever you decide to do with social media, make sure you loop those fans back into your own website/email list. Social media sites come and go but people should always be able to rely on your website and mailing list to get reliable content when they stop using social media sites. Don’t wait until Facebook becomes the next Myspace before you jump ship. Make your brand-controlled sites the ultimate destination for fan related content.
Remember, you shouldn’t have a Facebook or BandCamp page just because other people have one. You should have those pages if that’s where your fans (current and prospective) are hanging out at. What sites do you use? Any unusual success with lesser known ones?
Simon Tam is owner of Last Stop Booking and author of How to Get Sponsorships and Endorsements. Simon’s writing on music and marketing can be found at He is on Twitter @SimonTheTam 
Article originally appeared on Music Think Tank (
See website for complete article licensing information.

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UK second worst in world for illegal music downloads

The United Kingdom is the second worst country in the world for illegal music downloads (behind the United States) with Manchester the worst city.

In-depth study of illegal file sharing shows Manchester is most active UK city in illicit file sharing - and Ed Sheeran the most illegally downloaded perfomer.

And the artist whose music is illegally downloaded most frequently is Ed Sheeran.
The findings of Musicmetric's in-depth study show that more than twice as many albums are downloaded illegally in the UK as are downloaded on legal music sites such as iTunes.
More than 33 million albums and 10 million singles were downloaded illegally in the first six months of this year from the popular file sharing network BitTorrent. Equating to a loss in retail sales of more than 500 million pounds, the figures highlight why music companies are concerned about the damage this might do to their long term sales.
Musicmetric's study shows that about 15 per cent of the UK population have downloaded music illegally so far this year. The majority of these are thought to be under 30.
Andy Heath, director of British record company Beggars Group said: "Clearly the biggest problem with illegally downloaded music is that there is a generation who feel it is natural that music and all creative content is free".
Manchester is the main offender for illegal downloads. The research suggests there were more illegal downloads per person in the city than any other in the country.
The report is the biggest analysis of its kind to be undertaken. Guitarist Ed Sheeran's album + topped the poll of the most illegally downloaded albums in the UK, followed by albums by Rizzle Kicks and Rihanna.
Sheeran's album was illegally downloaded an average of 55.512 times every month. The singer said earlier this year that his legal album sales and illegal album sales were 'all relative'.
According to the report, the UK ranks second in the world as the highest user of illegal downloads, with the US topping the list. Rihanna's new album Talk That Talk was the world's most pirated release, with Musicmetric tracking 1,228,313 downloads in the first half of 2012.
The five worst offending nations (with artist) in the past six months were:
1: United States, 96,868,398 total shares (most for Drake)
2: United Kingdom 43,314,568 total shares (Ed Sheeran)
3: Italy 33,226,258 total shares (Laura Pausini)
4: Canada 23,953,053 total shares (Kanye West)
5: Brazil 19,677,596 total shares (Billy Van)

Sony Music acquires EMI Music's catalog of Ingersoll and Smith

HOLLYWOOD CA (IFS) — Sony Music has acquired all of the publishing rights from EMI Music of Kenneth Howard Smith and Russell G. Ingersoll’s songwriters catalog. Smith and Ingersoll collaborated on many songs as writers and artists at Motown Records in the 1970′s and 1980′s.   Other songwriters that co-wrote songs with the two were, the late Gwendolynn Gordy,  the late Lee Rogers Craton, the late Jon Morano, Anna Gordy, Janie Bradford, Patrick Posin and Ronnie Dechense. Ingersoll is currently re-working on his “Timeless” CD and other new songs. Smith is presently hosting a radio show in Memphis TN.

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That Hot Voice on KDTN Radio IDs - That's Riley Weston

MEMPHIS TN (IFS) -- Riley Weston, that intriguing female voice that you hear on those KDTN Radio One station ID's is revisited in this article from a few years ago.

 Although this is Riley's first single, she is no stranger to the entertainment industry! When she was little she sang country with her first guitar. After years of thinking she wasn't supposed to sing country...she came back to where she started and couldn't be happier!

With her acting roles, movie scripts and an award-winning book, Riley is most excited about finally sharing her music. Below Riley talks about her first single, IF I SAID HOWDY TO YOU, as well as other upcoming songs off her debut album, SURRENDER LAUGHING.

"The title SURRENDER LAUGHING came to me one night when I finally realized, much to my dismay, that I know nothing. What a tremendously freeing and also funny moment! And I couldn't help but laugh. It's like we all, well...I'll only speak for myself... I have spent most of my life trying to control everything.


Not just my life. Everyone else's too. For some crazy reason, we all think...ok, I think...that I somehow know better than the Power that created the Universe?! Not so much. So when I finally and literally threw my hands up in the air and surrendered, I had to laugh at the absurdity of it all. Me thinking I knew anything...

The song SURRENDER LAUGHING says basically there is always a plan, and there is always going to be a better day. BUT, we just have to trust God, or whatever higher Power you believe in. You have to know what you need is coming. You have to surrender, so you might as well do it laughing! Another favorite of mine is called I'M MORE TRASH THAN WHITE.

This song popped into my head as I was getting ready to go to bed. I was throwing on an old wife beater which, honestly, has no purpose being worn. To say it's threadbare is a compliment. Earlier that day I noticed both of my fav jeans were sporting holes in the patches covering up the first holes. I'll take a campfire and hanging out over any fancy party. I drive a truck and I've been known to throw out a few colorful words. :o) That said, I'M MORE TRASH THAN WHITE is simply a fun song.

DAYS LIKE THESE is another song that is about looking for hope and faith. The idea came to me during some not so attractive moments of darkness, personally, professionally, name it. All dark. As far as I was concerned, I couldn't see any light even if I was standing in direct sunlight. We've all had days like that, and unfortunately for some, a lot more than a day or two.

DAYS LIKE THESE says we've all been there and I think many people can and will relate to that. IF I SAID HOWDY TO YOU is the first single and also the first song I've ever written. The song is about a girl and a guy who have yet to meet. In the song, the girl asks the question, if they were in the same place at the same time, would the guy instinctively know it's her? Two more were recently written: LIES is a song about someone who has had her heart broken and been lied to for the last time.

She hears the final lie and as much as it's painful, she can now finally close a door to the past. The other tune is called FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A LONG TIME, about a first date and all the exciting, nervous and anxiety-inducing feelings that go along with it." Riley has worked as an actress and writer on many TV shows, including the hit television drama, Felicity and the popular TV movie, What About Your Friends. Riley also wrote and starred in the highly rated ABC television movie, Christmas at Water’s Edge.

She has a supporting lead in the indie feature film, Footprints. She plays a disturbed girl in Hollywood who dresses up as Super Girl. The movie is being released in 2010. It premiered at the Starz Denver Film Festival. / Her debut novel, before i go, has received three awards: an IPPY Award for Story Teller of the Year, the Grand Prize at The New York Book Festival, as well as the top honor as Best Fiction. And lastly, she received a Book Sense Pick Award. / Riley is starring in the movie version of before i go, based on a script she wrote. The project is being developed now.

Who Is Pussy Riot?

MEMPHIS (IFS) -- Depending on who you ask, Pussy Riot is something different. The Russian government views them as criminals. The Russian Orthodox Christian church views them as heretics and blasphemers. The internet views them as a Youtube phenom, and the punk scene views them as something exciting, an angry energetic female machine that could quite possibly be the second coming of Riot Grrrl.
Perhaps the women known as Pussy Riot are all of those. A feminist political collective formed of friends that found they held similar ideals at anti-Putin protests in Moscow, they formed a group based on punk ethics and political activism. The identities of the group's members, said to number 10 permanent members, is kept secret, and they wear brightly colored outfits and balaclavas to their protests, inviting others to join in wearing disguises as well.
The group got their start staging miniature flash protests in locations like the Moscow Metro, performing short, fast politically charged punk songs that are harshly critical of Vladimir Putin's government, specifically its restrictive stance on women's issues. From that point, the scale of the venues chosen for their unsanctioned performances grew in scale, including a concert from the roof of a detention center where protest leader and blogger Alexei Navalny was being held in police custody on December 14, 2011. There, the band was able to catch authorities off guard, staging their performance before making a hasty escape.
But it was the group's next performance - in Moscow's Red Square on January 20, 2012 - that launched the band to international news outlets as well as landing eight of the group's members in police custody. After being released after paying a fine, the collective was not ready to stop. On February 21, 2012, they took their protest to Christ the Savior Cathedral, where four members played at protest set that lasted less than five minutes, and included the song "Holy Shit", before it was halted. While church officials made demands of lawmakers that blasphemy should be declared a crime, the local law enforcement is exploring charges of hooliganism, which could carry a penalty of up to eight years with conviction, and local Cossack groups are staging patrols around churches to prevent similar events from taking place.
It's probably a given that we have yet to see the end of Pussy Riot or their political agenda, which bodes well for the state of punk in the world and its potential as a vehicle for change. While many groups enjoy the freedom to criticize their governments freely in their home countries, bands like Pussy Riot are the true punks, using their music to proclaim their voice of dissent.
We'll continue to keep an eye on the women of Pussy Riot as they continue to enact change through the power of punk.

Free MP3s From Pussy Riot 
"Освободи брусчатку" (Listen/Download MP3)
"Кропоткин-водка" (Listen/Download MP3)
"Путин зассал" (Listen/Download MP3)
"Убей сексиста" (Listen/Download MP3)
Suggested Reading

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Amnesty International, we love making a statement with what we wear!

 Amnesty International, we love making a statement with what we wear! 

Defend Women
Dear KDTN Radio One,

SHOP FOR HUMANITY. SHOP WITH A PURPOSE. Here at Amnesty International, we love making a statement with what we wear! You can show your support for our human rights work by wearing one of our many t-shirts or stay warm with Fair Trade scarves. Visit our store.

More great deals here!

For any questions or problems, please e-mail
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© 2012 Amnesty International USA | 5 Penn Plaza, New York, NY 10001 | 212.807.8400  

Dr. John E. Bell from Memphis, TN moves Soul music, neo-soul R & B and Gospel/inspirational music to CD Album

My name is Dr. John E. Bell and I am a new artist but with great soul and love for grown-folk styles of Soul Music. I am so thrilled that I can present this music to audiences all across Nashville and America that appreciate Soul music the way I do. I am a huge fan of the legends of Soul music like Al Green, Otis Redding, Solomon Burke and the entire Stax music Memphis sound. I hope to add to that great legacy of music one day. By profession, I am a Surgical Podiatrst and practice in Memphis, TN. I perform and write all my own music and have been performing all my adult life but I have only been recording professionally a year now. I completed my debut album last year and performed at the 103.5FM day in the park and on Beale street in concert. I went to London, England and Amsterdam, Holland on tour performing. I now want to expand my reach with radio. I thank you for helping me to acheive this goal. Your radio station has great music, I hope I can be played on it.

 I am delighted that you took time to take a listen at my music and consider my soulful grooving sound for your listening pleasure. I love soul music, neo-soul R & B and Gospel/inspirational music. I did complete a Neo-Soul music album last year entitled, From Soul to Soul. The Album was very widely enjoyed by many listeners both on radio stations nationwide and on the internet. I have performed in concert at the 103.5FM Ultimate Family Day reunion concert at the famous Levett Schell outdoor theatre, in the presence of over 3500 citizens of Memphis, TN June 2011. I have performed on Beale Street at the World famous Historical Daisy theatre in Memphis,TN. I was blessed to be apart of the one man one soul tour in Amsterdam, Holland. On this tour, I actually performed in London, England at the Finsbury house of Live Music to an enthusiastic crowd.

Currently, I am working on a second album entitled, "Dating Again". I am very proud of this album because I wrote all of the songs on this album after my divorce. I have been living single for a few years and now back dating again looking for love. I wanted this album to inspire people 30+ years of age to want to live again and find love. This album will be a sound track to an independent movie entitled, "The Internal mist of Love."(2013) I have recorded good and quality music on my previous album and on this current album as well. The producer for my music is Keelyn Ellis, Keelyn has worked with Sean P-diddy Combs at Bad Boy Records and many other great artist.

I have listed 5 songs so you can hear my music for yourself. I have enclosed the link that will show you my runner up award in the National Songwriter of the Year awards 2012 contest. My song entitled, "Lord I need a little Help" won great national attention for me as a songwriter. My song, "On My Mind" made the American Pop music registry charts last year 2011. I was so honored to see this happen, I would love for this to occur nationwide in America and around the world. I know if given a chance that my music can touch all kinds of people of all cultures and races in America and also throughout the world. I thank you for considering my music as you evaluate various artist and music genres for your listening audience. In my professional life, I am a Surgical Podiatrist and book author from Memphis, TN. I would love to have my music on American FM radio and independent radio as well to develop a great career with fans well into the future. I hope you value this when you hear my music as well.

Warmest Regards,

Dr. John E. Bell


> > The 'Runner Up' placement shows that your song received extremely high scores and was found to be competitive with the winning songs. Only the top writers receive this placement.

> >> > Great job and congratulations on your songwriting placement!

> > Jennifer
> Support Staff
> Song of the Year

Artist: Dr. John E. Bell    Album: Dating Again 
Artist Name:Dr. John E. Bell     Album: Dating Again
First/Last Name:Dr. John Bell
Hometown:Oakland, TN, USA
Style of music:Soul Music
Label Affiliation:Unsigned
Performing Rights