Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dr. John E. Bell from Memphis, TN moves Soul music, neo-soul R & B and Gospel/inspirational music to CD Album

My name is Dr. John E. Bell and I am a new artist but with great soul and love for grown-folk styles of Soul Music. I am so thrilled that I can present this music to audiences all across Nashville and America that appreciate Soul music the way I do. I am a huge fan of the legends of Soul music like Al Green, Otis Redding, Solomon Burke and the entire Stax music Memphis sound. I hope to add to that great legacy of music one day. By profession, I am a Surgical Podiatrst and practice in Memphis, TN. I perform and write all my own music and have been performing all my adult life but I have only been recording professionally a year now. I completed my debut album last year and performed at the 103.5FM day in the park and on Beale street in concert. I went to London, England and Amsterdam, Holland on tour performing. I now want to expand my reach with radio. I thank you for helping me to acheive this goal. Your radio station has great music, I hope I can be played on it.

 I am delighted that you took time to take a listen at my music and consider my soulful grooving sound for your listening pleasure. I love soul music, neo-soul R & B and Gospel/inspirational music. I did complete a Neo-Soul music album last year entitled, From Soul to Soul. The Album was very widely enjoyed by many listeners both on radio stations nationwide and on the internet. I have performed in concert at the 103.5FM Ultimate Family Day reunion concert at the famous Levett Schell outdoor theatre, in the presence of over 3500 citizens of Memphis, TN June 2011. I have performed on Beale Street at the World famous Historical Daisy theatre in Memphis,TN. I was blessed to be apart of the one man one soul tour in Amsterdam, Holland. On this tour, I actually performed in London, England at the Finsbury house of Live Music to an enthusiastic crowd.

Currently, I am working on a second album entitled, "Dating Again". I am very proud of this album because I wrote all of the songs on this album after my divorce. I have been living single for a few years and now back dating again looking for love. I wanted this album to inspire people 30+ years of age to want to live again and find love. This album will be a sound track to an independent movie entitled, "The Internal mist of Love."(2013) I have recorded good and quality music on my previous album and on this current album as well. The producer for my music is Keelyn Ellis, Keelyn has worked with Sean P-diddy Combs at Bad Boy Records and many other great artist.

I have listed 5 songs so you can hear my music for yourself. I have enclosed the link that will show you my runner up award in the National Songwriter of the Year awards 2012 contest. My song entitled, "Lord I need a little Help" won great national attention for me as a songwriter. My song, "On My Mind" made the American Pop music registry charts last year 2011. I was so honored to see this happen, I would love for this to occur nationwide in America and around the world. I know if given a chance that my music can touch all kinds of people of all cultures and races in America and also throughout the world. I thank you for considering my music as you evaluate various artist and music genres for your listening audience. In my professional life, I am a Surgical Podiatrist and book author from Memphis, TN. I would love to have my music on American FM radio and independent radio as well to develop a great career with fans well into the future. I hope you value this when you hear my music as well.

Warmest Regards,

Dr. John E. Bell


> > The 'Runner Up' placement shows that your song received extremely high scores and was found to be competitive with the winning songs. Only the top writers receive this placement.

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Artist: Dr. John E. Bell    Album: Dating Again 
Artist Name:Dr. John E. Bell     Album: Dating Again
First/Last Name:Dr. John Bell
Hometown:Oakland, TN, USA
Style of music:Soul Music
Label Affiliation:Unsigned
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