Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pacific Records Indie Label A&R Research

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Pacific Records Indie Label A&R Research
Pacific Records is looking to sign new Artists to their record label and/or offer production deals to market, promote, and distribute Artist albums. Having evolved into a multi-dimensional entity that includes recording studios, engineering services, CD duplication, and screen printing, Pacific Records has the resources to push an emerging Artist into the spotlight.
About The Opportunity: Pacific Records is a dynamic new music company with marketing, production and distribution services based in Southern California. Pacific Records recently partnered with Rhythm Coalition Productions, bringing additional industry connections, and re-instituting in-house recording. Positioned for strong growth, Pacific Records possesses the flexibility and feel of a true Indie Label while still providing far reaching possibilities.
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DO NOT contact anyone directly at the record label. Doing so will DISQUALIFY you from consideration.
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Physical inquiries can be sent to: P.O. Box 2086, Durham, NC 27702, USA

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