Tuesday, December 22, 2015

James Bennett

After watching a songwriter’s showcase at The Bitter End, the legendary NYC night club made famous by Bob Dylan, journalist Samantha Kaufman once wrote the following about James Bennett, “With a brief introduction of the two men accompanying him Bennett broke into a song oozing with immediate southern feel.

Although he denied any writing of country music it was almost as if the tone of his voice desired it as lyrics of reaching for dreams and fighting through tears filled the room. 

Bennett certainly didn’t look like any cowboy I’ve ever seen sporting ripped, dark jeans and a typical blue t-shirt but it was apparent that actively writing in Nashville got to him whether he liked it or not.  

As the night continued, Bennett opened his heart with honest songs of heartbreak and the journey it takes to get through it. 

By the end of the set, he created such a genuine connection with the audience you left not only with a view of his music but of his heart.” 

Since then, Bennett’s songwriting approach and style remains the same blend of lyric-based, adult contemporary music that can’t deny a subtle country music influence. 

His song “Clicks” tells a story about effortlessly falling in love.  Bennett’s favorite music accomplishments as a singer songwriter have been winning the John Lennon Award and Grand Prize for the Country Music Genre in the 2012 John Lennon Songwriting Contest and singing “I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe in the grand finale showcase at the Disney World American Idol Experience in 2014.  

Monday, December 21, 2015

Bitta Blood feat Dave East

BITTA BLOOD aka the Punisha, born Richard Sewell, is the hot new dancehall reggae artist whose latest single “TURN IT UP” is setting to burn up the airwaves worldwide.

BITTA BLOOD, born in St. Ann, Jamaica, migrated to the United States of America at the age of six. BITTA BLOOD now hails from Bronx, New York.

BITTA BLOOD started his musical career after being inspired by dancehall reggae icons Bounty Killa and Assassin. During the early stages of his musical career, BITTA BLOOD recorded several tracks produced by Bounty Killa’s former producer Jazzwad, and collaborated with New York Hot 97 DJ Mister Magic.

In 2011, BITTA BLOOD teamed up with producer BlackSpyda to record his hit single “TOUCH IT”, and DAGCK Promotions, who manages him, to record his other hit singles “TALK BOUT DAT”.

In February 20112, BITTA BLOOD recorded a Remix feature with Major Lazer on the hugely successful cross over electro-style reggae single “ORIGINAL DON”. In mid May 2012 BITTA BLOOD released his single “JUST COME OVER” a cross over rhythm-reggae which features the soulful R&B artist Dayzi Duce. “JUST COME OVER” was well received by music listeners, who describe it as the ultimate cross over pop, rhythmic, reggae song.

BITTA BLOOD’s raspy voice, sharp delivery, and vast lyrical content has surely set him apart from his counterparts, and has put him at the forefront of becoming a dancehall icon like the artistes who inspired him to become an entertainer.

Sunday, December 6, 2015



Co-Author of the Future of Music  book, founder of Berklee Online and one of the people who brought you MIDI
Hi, I’m Dave Kusek and the director of New Artist Model. I’ve have taught music business and music management to tens of thousands of musicians from around the world through my books, live events and online classes. I’ve had the honor of helping millions of people live their dreams in music.
I co-wrote the The Future of Music book which has sold over 50,000 copies and am a regular music blogger. In that book we predicted the iPhone, Siri and Spotify. I helped to get the MIDI standard started long ago and was a pioneer of digital music at Passport Music Software where we helped hundreds of thousands of musicians create music. I was also the co-creator of Synare electronic drums and developed one of the first digital sequencers.
I have always been an advocate for independent musicians and my contributions have helped make it possible for you to do what you do today in music production, business and independent music marketing.
As the founder and former CEO of Berklee Online, the world’s largest music school, I have helped teach tens of thousands of students around the world and created hundreds of online music courses. At Berklee College of Music, we won the award for the Best Online Course eight years in a row. I taught music business at Berklee for 14 years and have worked with tens of thousands of musicians to help shape their careers.
I’ve worked with artists, songwriters, performers, promoters, managers, label people, publishers, booking agents, and A&R reps. I love the music business and think this is a great time to be a musician.  I hope that you will join me and take one of the programs or online courses in the New Artist Model online music business school.


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Lyric Dubee

Lyric Dubee is a multi-genre artist from Canada. Proficient and at ease playing ROCK, POP, BLUES and JAZZ, his deep appreciation and experimentation with all the genres led Lyric to personalize his own style of music known as REVOLUTION ROCK. A singer/songwriter/guitarist, he performs his own works as a solo artist and fronts his own band.
At 17 Lyric has already released 4 albums!  He recorded his last album with Grammy Award Winning Producer Warren Huart and is now managed by legendary Rock Photographer Robert Knight.
Lyric has opened for or shared the stage with performers such as Les Paul Trio, Honeymoon Suite, Walk Off The Earth, David Usher,  Rik Emmett (Triumph), Jim Cuddy (Blue Rodeo), Lee Aaron.  He has performed live in over 250 shows and in music festivals such as SXSW, NXNE, CMW and headlined the Music By The Bay Festival.
International Performances includeMichigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Washington, California, New York, Texas,  & Exuma, Bahamas
Accomplishments Won the BEST YOUNG SONGWRITERS award at the Barrie New Music Festival  s  ALIVE  Music Video was awarded first place at the PLaYr Film Festival   s Most Promising Youth Award at the Barrie Arts Awards s Music video Black Ice won best Music Video at PLaYr Film Festival   s Black Ice song was also featured on Discover Hit Music - a Licensed To Play site  s Semi-Finalist  in the 2014 International Songwriting Competition (ISC) for “Bridge to Nowhere” s WON  "Honorable Mention" with the song "They Say" in the "Teen" category in the 2014 Unsigned Only Music Competition  s Inducted into Brotherhood of Guitar  s VIP red carpet guest at Les Paul’s 100th anniversary in NY  s Featured in Rock n Roll Art Gallery Exhibit in Vegas
Lyric has been featured and interviewed in various media outlets including CBC, CP24 Breakfast TV, Sirius and has had many articles written about him including being featured in Guitar International Magazine.
 “Lyric Dubee is the real deal. I love this young mans talent, work ethic and current song list which is light years beyond everything I heard! He has the song writing ability of Taylor Swift and a young Bryan Adams combined with the youthfulness of Justin Beiber and the guitar playing and blues knowledge of Colin James. He is the embodiment of the future of music in Canada.” MICHAEL WILLIAMS  JOURNALIST & MEDIA PERSONALITY

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Josef Haid & Band -Dreams come true

Josef Haid & Band „Dreams come true“
Josef Haid, the Singer-Songwriter-Guitarist from Zurich, Switzerland takes you on a journey with powerful melodies, emotional lyrics arranged with catchy guitar, saxophone and piano leads by the band of 7 great musicians. Moving your soul so dreams come true ...

The Songs
The songs are about the journey of life, about giving more love instead of always asking for it (Giving more of my love), about not giving up and finding your way out (No way out), about being away from home and missing your loved ones (Coming home), about losing a friend and the hope for forgiveness (Losing a friend) about our feelings seeing a new born and wondering what the journey will be (New born), about being there for a friend in a challenging life situation (Some hope), about being blind when trust is gone (Trust again) and about keep on trying so dreams come true (Dreams come true).
About Josef Haid
Josef grew up with lots of classical music and is singing all his life. He learned to play violin with age 5 and guitar from age 12 with songs from The Beatles, Elvis Presley, The Eagles, Supertramp and Queen. In the 80ies he recorded his first single with his school band. 
With «Dreams come true» Josef releases his first album of own songs (words & music) Josef wrote the songs between 2012 and 2014, first developed them acoustically and later on arranged and recorded them together with Adreas Utzinger in his Studio «Blue Acoustics» followed by live recordings with his Band. The CD release concert May 29 2015 at Club Moods in Zurich with a crowd of 200 was a great event,
The Band
Josef Haid (Vocals, Guitar); Andreas Utzinger (Backing Vocals, Keys, Arrangement); Stefan Schroff (Guitar), Tommy Marti (Guitar); Urs Nüssli (Bass); Mario Caspar (Drums); Beat Riggenbach (Sax); Sarah Utzinger (Backing Vocals)
Words & Music: Josef Haid
Arrangement & Production: Andreas Utzinger and Josef Haid
Recording & Production: Andreas Utzinger (Blueaccoustic Studios)
Distribution: iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby; EAN 889211590629

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Ben Reel

Ben Reel will release his seventh studio album entitled 7th on Mon 18th May 2015.The first single of the new record is "Lucky Streak" available on bandcamp.com or benreel.com.

Like his previous album `Darkness & The Light’, his new album 7th was recorded & produced by Ben in his own studio in South Armagh, Ireland.

Since his debut back in 1999, each album released by Ben Reel has gone from strength to strength earning him many plaudits from the music media around the world.

Ben’s unique style has evolved by drawing from a wealth of different types of music, from rock, soul, blues, alt folk/Americana, country and reggae.

By fusing these different genres behind his songs he has created a sound that has become his own.

Over the years Ben has made numerous radio and television appearances along with playing support to artists such as Jools Holland, Alabama 3 and The Cranberries.

He has collaborated musically with such names as Hal Ketchum, the legendary ‘Blockheads’ and the award winning saxophonist Gilad Atzmon.

As a songwriter and performer he has co-written and worked with some of Nashville's finest, David Olney, John Hadley, Sergio Webb & Irene Kelley.
Over the last seven years Ben Reel has toured extensively across Europe and the USA resulting in the development of a loyal and growing fan base.

The Ben Reel Band features Ben Reel on guitar and vocals Michael Black on drums, Ronnie O’Flynn on bass, Mick McCarney on guitar and Julieanne Reel on backing vocals & percussion.

Amongst the bands most notable performances include appearances at festivals such as Huntenpop in the Netherlands, Kilkenny Rhythm & Roots, Cork Jazz Festival and Ireland’s premiere music festival “Electric Picnic” in 2014.

In 2013 Ben toured the UK and the U.S. with Tommy Womack (Nashville) and last year the Ben Reel Band toured the UK as double bill with the legendary Eric Andersen.

Track Listing: 1. Lucky Streak (Reel) 2. One Of These Days (Reel) 3. Crushed It (Reel) 4. Say (Reel) 5. God’s World (Reel, Olney & Webb)

6. Reflections Of The Blues (Reel, Hadley & Webb) 7. Back On The Road (Reel)

8. Meant To Be (Reel) 9. Many A Time (Reel) 10. Gimme Some Room (Reel)

11. Given It All (Reel) 12. Coming Round Again (Reel)

Bonus Tracks: All Souls Alive (Reel) & Resurrection Man (Reel & McLoughlin)

Ben Reel Band: Ben Reel (vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica) Michael Black (drums) Ronnie O’Flynn (bass) Micky McCarney (piano keyboards) Julieanne Black (backing vocals and percussion)

Musicians who played on 7th include, Ben Reel (Vocals, Guitar) Michael Black (Drums) Ronnie O’Flynn (Bass) Mick McCarney (Guitars) Gerry Black Jnr. (Guitars)

John McCullough (Piano, Organ, Synth & String Arrangements) Julieanne Black Reel (Vocals) Kelle Redmond (Vocals) Ronnie Morgan (Drums, Vocals) Ronald De Jong (Vocals)

David Olney (Vocals) Sergio Webb (Guitar) Jimmy Bakker (Guitar) Hans Heidt (Saxophone, Brass Arrangements) Eoin Daly (Trumpet)

Discography: Albums

7th (2015)

Darkness & The Light (2013)

Time To Get Real 2009

New Horizon (2007)

Sweet Victory (2004)

Lost in a Haze (2001)

This Is the Movie (1999)

Discography: Compilations

Ben Reel - '10' (1999-2009)

Discography: EP’s

Exorcise Me E.P. (2000)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Radio Refusing to Play Songs by Older Artists

Robbie Williams - Candy

BBC Radio 1 refused to add the UK #1 song Candy by Robbie Williams (born 1974) to their playlist. The upbeat pop track released in 2012 was the lead single from the ninth album of the singer who has worldwide album sales of 70 million. Radio 1 personality Nick Grimshaw said Williams was "not relevant" to the station's target demographic. An angry Williams called Grimshaw a "bastard" for making the comment.
I'm not aware of US radio programmers admitting to age discrimination but it's likely that age is taken into account when considering what to add to playlists. Age based radio programming decisions don't just affect older artists. One Direction and Justin Bieber who appeal to tweens and teens typically don't get a lot of radio play in the US either. However that's not due to their age. It's due to their music not fitting pop radio's target advertising demographic of approximately 18-30. Candy did fit that format but was rejected solely due to the singer's age.

Lowering Listener Ages

BBC Radio 1 in the UK has an average listener age of 32, higher than the 15-29 year olds the station was designed to serve. They've been attempting to lower the average age partly by having younger presenters and partly by not playing older artists. According to the Daily Mail:
Nick Grimshaw's Radio 1 breakfast show has lost nearly a million listeners since he took over from Chris Moyles...Grimshaw appointment to the top slot came as Radio 1 bosses shuffled the presenter talent in order to secure a younger demographic...The BBC said it now had its highest proportion of 15-24s for two and a half years: 'While the audience is smaller. it is more focused on a younger demographic.'
My first thought when I heard this is executives should be glad anyone is still listening to the radio considering the newer options people have like YouTube/VEVO, streaming and Internet radio. It seems odd to have a policy to drive away older listeners, considering that many people in their 30's and 40's enjoy top 40 music. And it's not just pop acts that will be hurt by this based on an article from the BBC:
The station's music policy chief Nigel Harding has also said rock groups Green Day and Muse may have outgrown the station...Muse..."are approaching a crossroads" - their last single was the first one not playlisted by Radio 1 in a decade..."The door remains open to them but we'll have to think carefully about their next album."
Muse formed in 1994 and Green Day in 1987. Green Day's frontman Billie Joe Armstrong is 42 while Matt Bellamy from Muse is 36.
Nick Grimshaw's show successfully targeted a younger demographic but lost a million listeners overall
Nick Grimshaw's show successfully targeted a younger demographic but lost a million listeners overall
Source: Mark Allan/BBC

Arguments For and Against Playing Older Artists

Arguments can be made for and against radio programmers discriminating based on age. Listeners will enjoy songs because they think they're good regardless of who the artists behind them are. Radio 1 is making the assumption that older artists won't appeal to their target audience at all.
Cher was 52 years old when she had a #1 hit with Believe
Cher was 52 years old when she had a #1 hit with Believe
Yet age didn't stop Robbie Williams from having a UK #1. It also didn't stop 35 year old R&B singer John Legend from having a worldwide smash with All of Me, which crossed over to pop stations. The song was his first #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at #2 in the UK. Jennifer Lopez had a US and UK #1 with the electronic dance track On the Floor in 2011 when she was 40, although the song did feature the youngerPitbull. In 1998, Cher had the world's best selling single Believe at the age of 52. Hit potential should be the main determining factor in what does and doesn't get played.
However, some DJs have said they would rather support younger artists. If someone is still making music at 40, it's because they're already well established. Many of the acts that might have trouble getting play on pop or urban stations can still get played on formats like adult contemporary, easy listening, active rock, mainstream rock and urban AC. They have fanbases already and can sell albums and singles, and tour based on their name alone. Bruce Springsteen, Celine Dion, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Prince, Cyndi Lauper, Muse, Green Day and Robbie Williams won't disappear into irrelevancy because certain radio formats won't play them. The older successful artists should step aside and give the youngsters their time to shine.
Younger artists need the support of pop, urban and alternative stations more. Newcomers are trying to build fanbases and establish themselves. Even acts with 5 or 6 years of career success under their belts are still dependent on radio to solidify fan support and become properly established, so they can become the classic artists of the future. Then they'll be expected to step aside in favor of a new generation.
So, there's the merit based argument that songs which have the potential to be hits should get played regardless of whether the singer is 15 or 50. Limiting who can get played to those in their late teens to mid 30's at most seems incredibly unfair.
On the other hand, pop, urban, and alternative radio stations can only spin so many songs. Perhaps it's best if most of those spins go to newer or less established artists, so they have a shot at having career longevity as well. If they don't get enough support, they may not be around long enough to make 9 albums like Robbie Williams was able to do.

What do you think?

  •  Pop, alternative and urban radio should play songs regardless of the singer's age
  •  Pop, alternative and urban radio should give younger singers a chance. Older singers already have established fanbases, as well as classic and other stations to support their careers
  •  I have mixed feelings and can't make up my mind
See results without voting
Radio playlists have narrowed in recent years as time spent listening to the radio has declined. Since people don't listen to the radio very often repetition isn't a problem. Programmers pick a narrow list of favorite songs that appeal to the largest number of people in the demographics their advertisers want to target. It's better if younger artists get most of those spins rather than sharing them with older established artists. These older acts are getting lots of play on classics, classic rock, and adult contemporary stations anyway.
It's surprising that Radio 1 is somewhat open about the fact they discriminate even if they never go so far as to say someone is too old. But they're a public entity supported by license fees rather than advertising, so they may have to be more open about how they operate. But their openness brings up an interesting question about fairness versus supporting a new generation of artists. And like it or not, with some singers now releasing albums in their 50's and 60's, it may be asking a lot for stations targeting younger demographics to play their music.

Sunday, May 3, 2015


Contact:  Tiffany Lee, E18 Records
Director of Publicity:  404.906.4441
LOS ANGELES, Calif., March 17, 2015 – New teen pop artist Neeko who recently debuted his 
brand new music video entitled “Born to Love You” on Vevo, has now reached 100,000 views 
and counting via YouTube. 
In recent times, numerous trailblazers call London home. The country boasts a musical lineage 
that includes some of music’s brightest stars such as Adele, Amy Winehouse, and Sam Smith to 
name a few. Hailing from the small England suburban town of Walthamstow, Neeko plans to 
uphold that tradition of artistic innovation and bringing on a new wave of pop music. His single 
“Born to Love You,” is an up tempo record with catchy hooks that has everyone singing to the 
tune. The video tells a story of him day dreaming over a manikin he sees in a nearby store that 
comes to life in his wild imagination. The video shows a fun side to the new artist that is sure to 
get everyone loving him.
To join in on all of the fun visit Neeko at www.officialneeko.com and checkout his new video 
right here Neeko – Born to Love You music video 
Follow Neeko’s Social Media: 
Twitter - @officialneeko
Instagram - @officialneeko
iTunes : 
Amazon : 
Google Play : 
About Neeko:
Neeko hails from a small England suburban town called Walthamstow. Neeko gravitated 
towards the arts before he could even walk or talk. There was something about the beat of the 
music and characters he would see on the television screen that made him want to be an 
entertainer. In London, Neeko trained in theater that ended up landing him in starring roles in 
stage plays and later he became a regular in TV and film productions. 
In 2012, his family decided to move to California which gave Neeko an opportunity to get more 
in depth to his passion which was creating music. At such a young age, Neeko has a whole 
catalog of music that he has recorded, written and has produced. He is also not your typical 
young artist, he is a focused individual that is paving the way right now for young artist with his 
independent label called E18 Records. Neeko found it to be important to create this label 
because he felt the music industry has become very old and outdated. Older people are running 
the music labels telling the young people what to listen to. He wanted to be the voice of the 
young generation and sign acts that he believes in from all genres that want to be a part of the 
music industry. 
When Neeko is not recording or being the head of his label, he enjoys listening to other music 
acts and being around his family. He has major plans in the pop world, and can’t wait to 
continue to showcase his talents to the world. 
# # #

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sammy Hakim's "Tuck Me In" Named June "Best Song of the Month"

Sammy Hakim's "Tuck Me In" Named June "Best
Song Of The Month"

By Dale Kawashima
     Published June 9, 2014
Sammy Hakim
Sammy Hakim
Sammy Hakim, a young pop singer/songwriter based in Fairfax County, VA, has won the SongwriterUniverse “Best Song Of The Month” Contest for June, for her song “Tuck Me In." This song was recently released independently as a single, and it's one of 11 new songs that she recently wrote & recorded in Nashville. Notably, she has been selected as the winner this month of our other site's SingerUniverse "Best Vocalist Of The Month" Competition, for her vocal performance of "Tuck Me In."
“Tuck Me In” is a heartfelt, dramatic pop ballad which starts softly, and gradually builds momentum and intensity. The song's title and lyric theme is about trying to stay safe and protected in a world where there is abuse and bullying. The recording provides an excellent showcase for Hakim's strong, soulful vocals. "Tuck Me In" was expertly produced by William Gawley, a Nashville-based songwriter & producer who has produced and worked with several artists who have been signed to major labels. The song was mixed by Sarah Emily Parish.
Hakim  (who is 18) grew up in Fairfax County, which is near Washington, DC. She learned to play guitar and piano at a young age, and she also plays violin, ukulele and other instruments. Hakim has been inspired by listening to such favorite artists as Bruce Springsteen, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. "I also like listening to the radio a lot," she said.
Hakim started to write songs in the 7th grade, and she recorded her first CD during her freshman year of high school. When she was 15, she entered her song "Fearless" in the International Songwriting Competition, and it was selected as a finalist. Hakim has also had two songs which made the New Music Weekly indie chart, "Get A Little Closer" and "Mark Me."
For "Tuck Me In" and her latest recording sessions, Hakim went to Nashville to work with producer William Gawley of FaceSpace Music, which develops artists and has the label contacts to place artists for record deals. "They contacted me in February (2014)—they heard and liked my music, and invited me to work with them in Nashville," explained Hakim. I recorded 11 songs with them, and William also produced the video for 'Tuck Me In'."
Admirably, Hakim is donating a percentage of the proceeds from "Tuck Me In" to national charities which support anti-bullying and anti-abuse causes.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Chris Cox

An Oklahoma native, Chris Cox burst onto the Nashville Country Music scene two years ago, Recording his Debut Nashville Album "Heaven To Win" at Hilltop Studio with Legendary Grand Ole Opry Singer/Songwriter & Producer Walt Wilder.

Chris Cox built a huge radio following with his first releases & is no stranger to the Charts! His Smash Single "Heaven To Win" (a Tribute to NasCar Legend Dale Earnhardt sr.), Hit the TOP TEN in Europe in 2014! And then stayed in those charts for over 2 months!!! His next Single "Sometimes You Lose" also hit the Top of The Charts in Europe a few weeks later!! Both singles made the Independent Music Charts in the U.S. as well!! So Chris then found himself in the unique position of having A CHARTING SINGLE ON TWO CONTINENTS AT THE SAME TIME!!!

With two of the singles from his Debut Nashville album Competing week after week alongside HUGE HITS by Artists such as LADY ANTEBELLUM, LUKE BRYAN, ERIC CHURCH, TOBY KEITH, KENNY CHESNEY & GARTH BROOKS, and a U.S./European tour in the works for 2015, Chris knew that Nashville was expecting a LOT from his next project!

He didn't disappoint...... :)

Chris's New Album, "HonkyTonk HellCat" is the BEST OF TODAY'S ROCKIN' COUNTRY!!!! It also features some of the finest & MOST IN-DEMAND Players in Nashville!!! Players like Jeff King (LeadG for Reba McEntire), Steve Hinson (SteelG for Randy Travis), & Jimmy Carter (BassG for over 50 Nashville Stars) !!!
Come on out to Legend's Corner To Hear "Sunday Mornin' Guitar"(CRS Friday Feb 27, 2015!!

--Chris Cox will perform this 1st Single from
"HonkyTonk Hellcat", LIVE IN NASHVILLE!!*** For
the Independent Music Network's 2015 Awards

--"Sunday Mornin' Guitar" will also be featured on
CDX #613 for March!!!

--"Sunday Mornin' Guitar" will air on the
Independent Music Network's(1,000 stations)
starting March 1st!!!

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Indaba Music's Rubber Tracks Sample Contest

Rubber Tracks Sample Contest

Com Truise stopped by The Fortress LA to record his killer synth collection. Now these samples are yours to make your own mix with. Winner gets $1K!

WIN: cash 

Enter Contest Here
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Our mailing address is: 
Indaba Music
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Suite 2102
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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Anthony Tullo

Anthony Tullo hails from Oakville, Ontario. He began his acting and singing/songwriting career in his early teens. Anthony has starred in several television and film projects including many national voiceover campaigns throughout Canada and the US. After guest starring in shows like Liberty Street, the CBC’s Mutant X and CITYTV’s The Relic Hunter,  he landed a supporting lead role in the feature film A Friday Night Datestarring Casper Van Dien (Melrose Place) and Catherine Oxenburg (Dynasty).
Anthony has been penning songs since his teens including “Shy Girl” and “Just Like Yesterday” which attracted major label interest here in Canada at the time, and he performed at the CNE Bandshell before 10,000 fans. Anthony wrote one of the songs for the soundtrack of film A Secret Cross entitled “Darlington” which attracted uber-producer Jack Lenz’s attention. Recently a stunning ballad entitled “Sinner In My Soul” has been trending on Reverbnation for 14 weeks and Anthony was added to their home page Feature Artist section.
Anthony has hit radio airwaves in Canada with Back that truck up and his new single Oil as well as One Day which has been making waves in the UK. He recently has been featured on the Canadian prime television show CP24 and he has made the cover of the top Canadian social media magazine CASHBOX Canada with an exclusive story on him and the album Switching Tracks. He was selected from thousands from Sonicbid to showcase at the CMW week May 8th in Toronto Canada.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Fox News’ Stacey Dash ‘Appalled’ by Patricia Arquette’s Pay-Equity Oscar Speech

Fox News’ Stacey Dash ‘Appalled’ by Patricia Arquette’s Oscar Pay Equity Speech© Provided by TheWrap Fox News’ Stacey Dash ‘Appalled’ by Patricia Arquette’s Oscar Pay Equity Speech
Fox News contributor Stacey Dash didn't take kindly to Oscar winner Patricia Arquette demanding wage equality for women while accepting her first Oscar on Sunday.
"I was appalled. I could not believe it," Dash, a former actress, said on "Fox & Friends" Monday morning. "First of all, Patricia Arquette needs to do her history. In 1963, [President] Kennedy passed an equal pay wall. It's still in effect. I didn't get the memo that I didn't have any rights."
Arquette, who won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her performance in "Boyhood," was greeted with a warm applause from the star-studded audience at the Dolby Theatre when ending her acceptance speech on the issue. Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez were particularly enthusiastic.
"To every woman who gave birth, to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation, we have fought for everybody else's equal rights," Arquette said. "It's our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the United States of America."
Insert "Clueless" pun here, because a recent study published by the National Partnership for Women and Families found women in the United States are paid an average of 78 cents for every dollar paid to men, amounting to a yearly wage gap of $10,876 between full-time workingmen and women.