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Sammy Hakim's "Tuck Me In" Named June "Best Song of the Month"

Sammy Hakim's "Tuck Me In" Named June "Best
Song Of The Month"

By Dale Kawashima
     Published June 9, 2014
Sammy Hakim
Sammy Hakim
Sammy Hakim, a young pop singer/songwriter based in Fairfax County, VA, has won the SongwriterUniverse “Best Song Of The Month” Contest for June, for her song “Tuck Me In." This song was recently released independently as a single, and it's one of 11 new songs that she recently wrote & recorded in Nashville. Notably, she has been selected as the winner this month of our other site's SingerUniverse "Best Vocalist Of The Month" Competition, for her vocal performance of "Tuck Me In."
“Tuck Me In” is a heartfelt, dramatic pop ballad which starts softly, and gradually builds momentum and intensity. The song's title and lyric theme is about trying to stay safe and protected in a world where there is abuse and bullying. The recording provides an excellent showcase for Hakim's strong, soulful vocals. "Tuck Me In" was expertly produced by William Gawley, a Nashville-based songwriter & producer who has produced and worked with several artists who have been signed to major labels. The song was mixed by Sarah Emily Parish.
Hakim  (who is 18) grew up in Fairfax County, which is near Washington, DC. She learned to play guitar and piano at a young age, and she also plays violin, ukulele and other instruments. Hakim has been inspired by listening to such favorite artists as Bruce Springsteen, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. "I also like listening to the radio a lot," she said.
Hakim started to write songs in the 7th grade, and she recorded her first CD during her freshman year of high school. When she was 15, she entered her song "Fearless" in the International Songwriting Competition, and it was selected as a finalist. Hakim has also had two songs which made the New Music Weekly indie chart, "Get A Little Closer" and "Mark Me."
For "Tuck Me In" and her latest recording sessions, Hakim went to Nashville to work with producer William Gawley of FaceSpace Music, which develops artists and has the label contacts to place artists for record deals. "They contacted me in February (2014)—they heard and liked my music, and invited me to work with them in Nashville," explained Hakim. I recorded 11 songs with them, and William also produced the video for 'Tuck Me In'."
Admirably, Hakim is donating a percentage of the proceeds from "Tuck Me In" to national charities which support anti-bullying and anti-abuse causes.

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