Monday, August 9, 2010

Interview Opportunity with author Rhonda Cook

Small Business and Financial Expert Reveals how Transitioning from Corporate America to Entrepreneurship is as easy as 1,2,3... in new book Rhonda Cook will turn all the business wisdom your audience believed on its ear as she explains that the answer to the current economic crisis is through small business ownership and entrepreneurship. She shares that there is a five step process on how to transition from Corporate America into Entrepreneurship. When seeking to transition to entrepreneurship, corporate America is probably not the first place you'd look for advice. But according to business strategist and consultant Rhonda Cook, proven “best practices”-- already working at major corporations”-- can help you launch or relaunch a successful business as an entrepreneur. Rhonda underscores not only the need for small business growth but the insatiable appetite for both the 'why' and the 'how to' smoothly transition into entrepreneurship. In her book “Transitioning from Corporate America to Entrepreneurship”, Rhonda delivers messages of challenge and self-assessment as well as hope and empowerment. She has earned a reputation for straight talk, and she is an outspoken proponent of business and financial education who takes no excuses from those who choose to play the entrepreneurial game. Rhonda will reveal: The key factor that separates being self-employed vs. working for yourself Why it's easier to start a business today in spite of the economy How to channel the “inner corporate you" and your road to success through entrepreneurship How to properly assess your skills and time What things to take from the Corporate World and what things to leave behind How to make and redefine the rules of earning money Why entrepreneurship is not as risky as you think Rhonda Cook can also make your show a forum for: "Why entrepreneurship is really the answer for personal, professional, and financial growth.” She would be a great fit for the show. "Transitioning from Corporate America to Entrepreneurship" is available for purchase at Credentials: Ms. Cook is a sought-after interview guest and speaker with extensive television and radio experience. She is a business strategist, trainer, and the owner of Khiron Bae Associates, LLC. With over twenty years of business and financial "know how", Rhonda hails from the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga with a bachelor degree in Finance. Availability: Nationwide by arrangement and via television; can be an emergency guest via phone. Contact: To interview Rhonda...or to receive excerpts or review copies of her book, contact Bonyetta Brison Kitts: (404) 829-3430; email:

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