Thursday, February 16, 2012

Has The Reno Blues Society Lost their Collective Minds?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Has The Reno Blues Society Lost their Collective Minds?

HOLLYWOOD / RENO (IFS) - It appears that the Reno Blues Society has decided to "pass" on the endorsement and venue setting for the Bobby Haynes Blues Band and with internationally renown pianoist Ray Johnson.

Reno Blues Society vice president, Bill Nagel was given a practice DVD of the groups rehearsal at Hollywood's famed AF of M Local 47 Hall, ( currently available at of the duo having a quick show rehearsal fr the cameras of HOTRAX Productions' R G Ingersoll who also happened to produce the one and only very successful Cambria / San Simeon tribute concert to Nat "King" Cole.

Ingersoll stated early, that he believes that this is "just a research error on the part of the Reno Blues Society team" and that he believes it will be "ironed out" in time. These fantastic musicians together have played on over 100 - Number One recordings, when most singers, songwriters and artists just dream of getting one "hit record".

Ingersoll who is no stranger to success as in his former Motwn Records days, he helped to create and package many of the labels acts for television, concerts and state fairs. His expertise as a songwriter isn't lost either as his catalog has been purchased from EMI Music by Sony Music.

Ingersoll, has stated that he will still need the Reno Blues Society to help sell tickets and with promotions, as Mr. Nagel pushed the project down the road to Harrah's Show rooms in Tahoe, when in fact, Ingersoll just wanted the Grand Concert Room at the Grand Sierra Hotel.

It's not quite clear where the communications' broke down, or if the endorsement of the "Real Blues" is a little to much to handle. What the heck, what can two eighty year old men do, they have just completed tours wwith the American idol Party and a set at the Kennedy Center Honorrs to boot.

The video uploaded by Ingersoll to for the engineers in Reno to setup their equipment, but this little video clip has become one of the most requested clips in sdctv history after the Reno Blues Society "dismissed" this duo. The Local Hollywood blues community musicians in Los Angeles consider this as a "back handed slap".

We will never know what RBS were "thinking" as they have broken off all talks with Ingersoll. This is not to say that there is a real battle of the "Blues Guitar Strings" in Reno, as the best act in town for the Blues is Jason King Band who the RBS endorsed and sponsored in the Memphis Blues Concerts Playoffs this past month.

Jason King sounds like Stevie Ray Vaughn for two nights in a row.

Ray Johnson, known as the Nat "King" Cole of Japan, has just finished several recordings with some of American Idol finalists among others. Johnson's last studio CD was in 2000 with his Ray Johnson Country that is still a big seller at his other night gig at the Universal Hilton Piano Bar, as he greets and entertain many of his friends and fans who have come in from Asia on vacation here in California.

It's for sure that what one person calls the Blues and what another's perception of the Blues are two different types of Blues Power. Reno is not ready to hear the real Blues, yet. But don't let two old blues men show what the real blues can prdocue when played live in equal amounts in Reno. For the moment, this little "missunderstanding" could remain as such and the RBS works with HOTRAX to produce the concert. Are will RBS vice president let opportunity slide out of his fingers, when we know that opportunity only knocks once.

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