Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dixie Chicks' -Not Ready To Be Nice- Drops From Charts after Seven Year Run

MEMPHIS (IFS) -- Internet powerhouse playlist-er KDTN Radio One  has finally given the Dixie Chicks its last spin this week after "Not Ready To Be Nice" entered its charts over seven years ago at the Number #1 spot and slowly moved its way slowly down the charts to the listening position of 0.84 listeners for the song. 

This only means that approximately less than 2,000 listeners wanted to hear the greatest song in radio history being played.  KDTN Radio One chose to play the DC's songs when Country Radio decided that they were not going to and the right wingers pulled the Chicks records off regular rotation.

It really did not hurt them, but did confirm one thing, that you don't need a radio station to play your songs and get a hit record for you.  

In an instant, radio changed from being the driving force, to just  being there for the radio listeners, if they decided not to change the channel.

Currently, KDTN Radio One's latest rebel group to get into the spotlight is Russia's Pussy Riot, with the title song that's unpronounceable, but only called "The Putin Church Song" because it got them put in prison for two years.  KDTN promises to play the song until Pussy Riot is let out of prison.

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