Saturday, September 1, 2012


Makar (pronounced Mah-Kar) is a 15th century Scottish term meaning Poet and also a dark and groovy little New York band voted one of Deli Magazine’s Top 300 Best NYC Indie Bands. A guitar and piano driven indie-rock band that makes Punk and Poet rejoice and dance together.

Makar began with Mark looking for a band to join as a singer and finding nothing appealing, so Andrea said "why don't you write your own songs?" So he did! But Andrea kept butting in and adding her 2 cents, so Mark said, "why don't you write a song?" So she did. And that's where it all began!

Makar consists of Andrea DeAngelis, co-singer/songwriter/guitarist from New Jersey and Mark Purnell, co-singer/songwriter/pianist from New York.

Beginning in 2002-03, Makar played their first, nail-biting, exciting NY gigs at places like Luna Lounge, CBGBs gallery, Knitting Factory and Pianos and began recording their 18-song debut album, 99 Cent Dreams, on July 14, 2002 at Multiway Studios in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

In 2005 the debut album, 99 Cent Dreams, arrived and Makar went to work promoting it! The 18 song album got played all over the world on FM, College, Indie and Internet radio stations. 99 Cent Dreams received many wonderful and heartfelt reviews from fans and critics alike such as*, who called Makar, “a musical genius worth telling people about” and the Windy City Times, who hailed them as “a breath of fresh air.” The album sold thousands of downloads and physical copies. We even did a TV appearance or two!! Makar's first music video for the song "I Hate My Job" directed by Brian Schulz got played on MTV2. Makar made many incredible fans and played many a great show, even got signed to a non-exclusive deal with a little indie label named Sizzleteen Records!

Makar began work on its second album, Funeral Genius, August 2008 at the Seaside Lounge in Park Slope, Brooklyn. It is now available on, CD Baby, Itunes and everywhere digital music is sold in the universe and has already garnered amazing reviews from the likes of Rust Magazine’s Eric Peterson who said "get ready to make some space on your shelf or playlist for "Funeral Genius" and pick it up right away. It's going to be one of your most-loved albums of all time. Essential." Funeral Genius recently landed Makar on the top 300 Best NYC Indie Bands list by Brooklyn’s prestigious Deli Magazine along with such artists as Lana Del Rey, MGMT and Vampire Weekend!

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