Thursday, September 13, 2012

hooyoosay's new single "My obsession" blends vintage pop-rock

hooyoosay's new single "My obsession" blends vintage pop-rock with a contemporary dance-feel
Mainstream indie-dance-pop seventies-rock with a post-punk twist: hooyoosay's new single "My obsession" cannot easily be labeled with a simple one-word tag.

Their rendition of the song brings a fresh and innovative, catchy and intriguing approach to a rather obscure 1967 Rolling Stones track.

Contrary to the coarse and roaring Rolling Stones signature original, hooyoosay's whispery and sensual lead vocal interprets the song lyrics in such a way that a slightly humorous but definitely light-hearted undertone is added.

The overall sound is reminiscent of late seventies rock, a good dose of Ian Dury-like characteristics being injected.

At the same time the steadily pounding drum beats give the track enough of a contemporary dance-feel to possibly also appeal to listeners of Rihanna, Katy Perry, Maroon 5 and the likes.
Still the whole package breathes a gentle softness, clearing it from the fatiguing impact that some stellar productions occasionally might impose.

For the so-called b-side, hooyoosay chose to record Allen Toussaint's "Pain in my heart" in a modest arrangement, as an intimate, melancholic, acoustic jazzy blues ballad.
A video for both songs can be watched on YouTube
Or visit hooyoosay's brand new artist website

where the single can be streamed and downloaded, and where many more recordings, artwork and videos by hooyoosay can be found.

If you'd have missed to notice their full album "In dekay" before, this new single, combining the verve of "My obsession" and the gloominess of "Pain in my heart", makes for a compelling introduction to hooyoosay.

hooyoosay is a studio recording project with loose and anonymous (hence the name hooyoosay) contributors for electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, organ, harmonica, vocals, electric bass, drums, percussion.

In July 2011 hooyoosay released the album "In dekay", containing 22 tracks of guitar pop, classic rock, blues, rhythm and blues, acoustic pop, chanson pop, vintage pop and rock and roll remakes (WM 3661585974420).
By June 2012 hooyoosay released the single "My obsession".

hooyoosay perform mainstream-to-indie-pop-rock and prefer music that is played by live musicians on real instruments, rather than music that is programmed on a computer and then played by samples and electronic sounds.

Artist:hooyoosay    Album: My obsession
Artist Name:hooyoosay     Album: My obsession
First/Last Name:Rudy De Keyser
Hometown:, , Campeche
Style of music:mainstream, indie-pop, soft rock, vintage pop, acoustic pop,

Label Affiliation:Independent Label
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