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Tia P.

Hailing from Inglewood, CA Tia P. is a driven, passionate and charismatic talented artist, producer, musician and songwriter whose lyrical prowess is unmatched.
Influenced by the likes of Missy Elliott, Pharrell Williams and Lauryn Hill, Tia P.’s soul embodies the essence of Erykah Badu, the funk of D'Angelo, the storytelling of Bahamadia and the brashness of Jean Grae.

Now, imagine all of this wrapped up today in a 23 year old Howard University Graduate who has been making music and writing lyrics since the age of 6. Unafraid. Honest. Unique. Next. You don't have to imagine and more, Tia P. is here.
Rapper/Singer/Song writer/Drummer/Producer/Actress Tia P. is an extraordinary artist. Tia P. has taken on the challenge to be the Voice of the New Generation. She possesses a huge presence and commands immediate attention when performing. 

She has opened for KRS 1, Bootsy Collins and a host of other well known acts. She can also be seen in a national Pepsi Commercial featuring Pop sensation, Tori Kelly
Off the heels of her new single "4 Seats From Beyonce" Tia P. is in the studio finishing up her long overdue, but highly anticipated EP "Peek-A-Boo" Her goal is to defy the odds of expectation and not be limited to the boundaries of a particular genre. She definitely has the content to fulfill the aforementioned: to date, she has written over 1,600+ songs.

Her ultimate aspiration is that her life and music shine as a celebration of individuality and reflect her personal slogan "Do You"

Tia P.
Hot young artist aims for superstardom with new single ‘4 Seats from Beyonce’
INGLEWOOD, CA – Most artists would love to have a career that gets them four seats away from mega-star Beyonce.
Tia P isn’t most artists.
In fact, this one-of-a-kind 23-year-old musician has her sights set on the same stage as Beyonce. She wants her career in music to be trend-setting, and her new single “4 Seats From Beyonce” is a bold statement that what she’s begun today is only the first step toward superstardom.
“This song is about going from where I was to where I want to go and showing that journey as an artist,” Tia P said. “I’ve been making music as long as I’ve been breathing, and I won’t be satisfied until I make it all the way to the top. I’m paving my own lane with my style of music – it’s contemporary, but not with a cookie-cutter vibe.”
One line of the song says, “They finally letting me loose, they ain’t letting me in. I stuck my foot in the door, and I ain’t exiting.” Tia P said it’s a metaphor for desires and ambitions. Her play on words displays an artist who started out in the nose-bleed section, worked her way to the box seats and eventually made it to the floor seats. But those seats are still four seats away from where she really wants to be.
“It’s about having a desire not to settle, but to pursue your dreams and having enough perseverance to go after what you want,” she said. “Even if the odds seem stacked against you, that should be the fuel you need to go after what you want.”
To date, Tia P. has seen modest success in her career. Both her parents are professional musicians, and Tia has used her knowledge of the music industry to work hard toward making a name for herself. She’s headlined music festivals and was the cover story for a feature in a recent article in the LA Sentinel. Over the past year she’s been able to collaborate with some bigger names, such as Jairus “J.Mo” Mozee and Eric Seats. And she recently signed a licensing deal with Riptide Music Group. She’ll be releasing an EP on her own label later this fall. In addition to the above, she landed a Pepsi commercial featuring Tori Kelly and she's signed to ABA Talent Agency.
Before devoting herself to a career in music, however, Tia P chose to complete a four-year degree at Howard University. She has a major in psychology and a minor in music. She said part of her decision to complete her degree was to show fans how important it is to get an education – an education, she said, that has helped make her a better song-writer and lyricist by making her metaphors richer and full of depth.
“I’ve always been a word-smith, metaphorically speaking,” she said. “I intertwine my metaphors so they’re a play on words – as opposed to saying the obvious. I like to showcase this as much as possible. That’s why I started doing Minute Music Mondays on my YouTube channel. I release some form of music every Monday, just to give fans a flavor of what I can do. Every song on Monday has a different twist to it – something different artistically. I might beat-box on one of them, or do something jazzy on another one. They’ll be songs that are familiar, but I still put my spin on it.”
Fans who check out her music will realize that Tia P is one of the hottest new artists in the country because of the combination of a unique new sound and a hungry passion for success. She’s determined to work hard, and take her early success to new levels. In five years she hopes to be headlining her own worldwide tour, but mostly she wants her fans to love her music so much that they have to play it over and over again because they can’t get enough of it.
“I want them to hear my music and say, ‘I gotta hear that again!’” she said. “I want them to almost be overwhelmed to the point that they have to listen to it again and again and have to tell someone else about it. It can be an inspiring chain. It’s not just what they hear in the moment – it’s a chain of moments. It’s the spark to light something else. They’ll remember that spark and they’ll want to ignite it again.”
To hear more of Tia P’s music, fans can check out her Minute Music Monday submissions on YouTube. Her new single, “4 Seats from Beyonce,” is available on Amazon iTunes  Fans can follow her on social media @iamtiap on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. For booking, or more information, contact 6x Management

Band Name: Tia P.Album Name: 4 Seats From Beyonce'Year Released: 2016Email Address: tia@tiaparchman.comWebsite: Style: Hip Hop/R&BInfluences: Missy Elliott We Sound Like: Performing Rights Society: ASCAP (USA) Label Affiliation: Independent Label GeographicHometown: InglewoodCountry:USATouring your Region?: No Band DescriptionTia P. Inglewood's First Lady of Hip Hop is a driven, passionate and charismatic talented artist, producer, musician and songwriter whose lyrical prowess is unmatched.

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The Outside Agitators

The Outside Agitators started way back in the 80s with me, my brother Rick and our friend Andy Wright in my parents garage. Then Rick had opened a body shop in Cambridge NY and we would jam there. Eventually we built a studio up on Red Mtn. in Arlington VT at Andy's brother Mark and his wife Judys cabin and jammed and recorded there. We played some gigs and partys and after a while we all went our seperate ways but we'd still get together to jam once in a while. Then as fate would have it me and Rick and a new guitarist, Conrad found ourselves in a position to revive the band and start working on new material and improvisational jam sessions at Ricks place In Johnsonville NY. We caught some new stuff on tape that we thought was pretty cool and worked on the old tunes from the early days.  All of that can be found on our website. I now live in Pittsfield, MA where I built a small studio in the basemant of my house where we are working on new music and also record live jam sessions with friends. So the journey continues....

the Outside Agitators
spontaneous improvasations
Hard rock
Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix
Band Description
We're a three, sometimes four piece band from upstate New York. Hard driving guitar highlights the progressive elements with hints of classic rock.

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Joshua Rich

Basic Band Info
Joshua Rich
Eye Of The Hurricane
The Beatles
Band Description
Mellow country sound with a tinge of pop.

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The First Lady Honors the 2016 School Counselors of the Year The White H...

Why you never hear from Dakota Fanning anymore

Getty Images

To us, she'll always be the Uptown Girl that Brittany Murphy (RIP) taught to let loose and have fun, the beloved Sally from Cat In The Hat, and that uber mature five-year-old in I Am Sam. But mostly, Dakota Fanning will always be these things to us because we honestly haven't heard from her lately. Seriously, did she go off the grid? Elle Fanning popped up and suddenly Dakota Fanning disappeared. Are they not sisters, but actually the same person?

It could be the fact that her sister is literally a Disney princess, but girlfriend has been spending a lot of time in the shadows.

She's not eight years old anymore

Growing up a child star in Hollywood is easy for literally no one. Some people are able to figure it out while navigating a few pitfalls along the way (think: Jason Bateman and Drew Barrymore), but others are unable to break away from their childhood image and fall victim to obscurity, or worse, total destruction (think: Amanda Bynes). Clearly, Dakota Fanning, being the brilliant young lady she is, is taking the former route, sans the pitfalls that accompany a child star's young adult years. Rather than muss up her squeaky clean image in the tabloids to prove she's no longer 8 years old, we're pretty sure she's spending a couple of years under the radar and will return a young woman who has shaken the childish image of her early career. Think of her as a caterpillar, chilling in her cocoon, ready to emerge a beautiful butterfly.

Little sister Elle Fanning

When your little sister's breakout role is literally as a Disney princess opposite Angelina Jolie's brilliant Maleficent it's hard not to get left in the dust. Ever since her emergence as Princess Aurora, Elle Fanning has been the darling of Hollywood and the fashion world alike. As the sun rose on one of the Fanning sisters, it began to set on another. Even Dakota admitted to the Daily Mail that her little sister's fashion choices are enough to make her feel totally left in the dust. It's ok Dakota, you'll always be the fashion star of our hearts.

She's in a relationship

Check out that smoldering look. Who wouldn't want to disappear with that face for a good year or two? We all have that friend who disappears as soon as she gets a boyfriend (or girlfriend!) and it seems Fanning has become that friend. She's been seeing British model Jamie Strachan for over two years now and we're gonna speculate that she's spent those two years in a boyfriend black hole with him. Meaning, she totally disappeared as soon as she got a boyfriend and now that she's coming out of the honeymoon phase she's ready to grab dinner with her core group of girlfriends once every six months. We give it another 2 years before she's truly back in the limelight and out of the relationship black hole.

Everyone forgot she was in Twilight

Guys. She was in three of the Twilight movies, her name just isn't Kirsten Stewart, Robert Pattinson, or Taylor Lautner so no one remembers her. But she was in them. We promise. We looked it up on IMDB. She just kind of faded into the background of the vampires and you totally forgot. Or you had moved on to the Hunger Games saga. Or you still weren't over Harry Potter. Whatever it was, we promise that she was in there, you just didn't hear from her because, let's face it, she got totally overshadowed by the Kirsten Stewart lip biting action that took over every film. It's not that you haven't heard from this spitfire star, it's just that she keeps getting overshadowed. Which is fine because let's not forget, she's in her cocoon stage right now, ready to emerge a beautiful butterfly.

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JD Walker

Artist Biography
JD was born in Kansas City, MO and grew up in Independence, MO. The youngest of 3 boys, he grew up in a middle class family. His Father was as an Airline Mechanic for one of the major airlines. His Mother was a Nurse taking care of the elderly and the home. JD's songwriting has been described as; Genuine and easy to identify with. A listener has no doubt that the subject is real and there's an absolute sincerity that comes out in his lyrics that makes it so genuine. No doubt that he writes and sings with a raw emotion and an unflinching truth. 

JD was introduced to music by his late Uncle who was a singer/songwriter and a recording artist. He performed on the Ozark Jubilee which led to an appearance on the Porter Wagoner show. Then making it to Nashville and singing in Ernest Tubb's Record Shop, then on to open up for some pretty big names in country music. JD first sang with his Uncle when he was young, then started singing in church and thechoir. He wrote poems, then started writing songs after graduating High School and always dreamed of becoming a songwriter and making a living with music. In his young adult life; JD experienced tragedy, trauma and turmoil. From being in the truck with his best friend when he was murdered, to losing the love of his life after his wife passed away from a rare form of cancer. Then 10 months later; he and his family suffered the loss of his brother. Through those difficult times he admits, he was living in some dark times and it took him a while to find himself. His faith grew stronger, he and his parents grew closer and today they are 2 of hisbest friends. Music and songwriting was his release. His feelings ended up pouring out. With all his trials and experiences they certainly gave him a lot to write about. 

JD had a lot of influences in music, from songwriters to major recording artist. He actually got his start working behind the scenes doing some handler work at concerts for some major recording artist. He ended up completing formal training and became certified as an instructor in Celebrity, Executive and Dignitary Protection. He was invited to come to Nashville and was introduced to others in the business, which he was asked to collaborate by other songwriters. Once he got a true taste of Nashville and the complete music making process that was all it took. For 3 years he split his time between Nashville and Missouri. It became harder for him to leave with meeting new friends and new opportunities arising. He knew where he needed to be and his heart and soul was always in music. He was offered a publishing deal, he went back and broke the news to his parents. A few months later, he packed up and made the permanent move to Nashville to follow his dreams. Shortly after settling in, his publishing deal fell apart. He was offered to be reimbursed for his move, but declined, thanked them for the offer but decided he was going to stay. Over the years he has had the opportunity to collaborate with some hit songwriters and has had a few of his songs put on hold by some major recording artist. For a day job, he holds a current CDL and he might be seen in a Big Rig pulling double trailers for FedEx Ground. 

JD is now working on an album of his own songs with a Grammy Nominated Producer Kent Wells. His first song "Too Far From Heaven" which he wrote, will be released to Country radio by GTR in Jan. 2016. JD gives first credit to God, the loving support of his family and close friends, all who understand what it takes and the sacrifices you have to make to accomplish your goals. With the tough roads he's traveled he's now on the right one and livinghis dream.

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Mi2N European Music News

European Music News
browse news from the last four weeks
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Live Music Office Unites Councils With Industry Through AMPLIFY Program
A new pilot program has been created to provide support for new and existing live music spaces
Dance Music Steps Up The Pace In 2015, With UK Acts Leading The Way
Streaming of Dance music growing at a faster rate than any other main music genre
Google Play Music Announced As The Official Download & Streaming Partner Of The BRIT Awards 2016
Viewers of the globally watched show will be able to download and stream the audio of live performances
Midem Marks Its 50th Edition With Eye Firmly On The Future Of Music
International music industry to gather for business and celebration in Cannes
PIPCU Make Nationwide Arrests As They Dismantle Illegal Karaoke Streaming Operation
PIPCU has dismantled a gang suspected of uploading and distributing tens of thousands of karaoke tracks online
Conference For Millennial Music Industry Execs Releases New Speakers, Schedule And Sponsors
Execs from Sony Music, Spotify, Sky Tickets, Communion Music Group and Warner have been confirmed to speak at FastForward
PRS For Music Elect Chris Butler And John Minch To Represent Independent Publishers
PRS for Music reveal the elected representatives for its Executive Board in 2016
PRS For Music And SoundCloud Reach A Multi-Territory Licensing Agreement Ending Legal Proceedings
The licence covers the use of PRS for Music repertoire since SoundCloud's launch
BMG Expands Production Music Business With Addition Of Beds & Beats
BMG is pleased to announce it is expanding its growing production music business into the radio sector
USA Distribution Announced For Amadeus 'Philharmonia' Speakers Co-designed By Jean Nouvel
French speaker designer Amadeus chooses Source Systems, Ltd. as its US distributor for the HI-FI market for new speakers co-designed by world-renowned architect Jean Nouvel
Indie Country Music Star Luanne Hunt's Scores A Top 20 Hit In The UK With Anti-commercialism Christmas Song
Luanne Hunt's thought-provoking new holiday single "The Greatest Christmas Gift," which delivers a message about the over-commercialization of Christmas
UK Electronica Crew H2SO4 Releases New LP 'Under Control'
The masterminds of electronic dance music known as H2SO4 have released their new full-length album, “Under Control.”
ACM Electron And Rod Stewart Release Christmas Single With BBC 6 Music
The opportunity arose after BBC 6 Music’s Shaun Keaveny wrote a Christmas song ‘Please Don’t Give Me Anything For Christmas’ after interviewing Rod on his radio show
Rostrum+ Streaming Week
Don’t miss the opportunity to discover a unique selection of recent creations from emerging composers from all over the world!
Youtube Keynote At Buma Music Meets Tech During Eurosonic Noorderslag
Candice Morrissey, Music Strategic Partnerships EMEA at Google, will deliver a keynote speech about YouTube at Buma Music meets Tech
 |Xmi2n|12-13-2015Independent Music Companies' Vision On EU's Copyright Plans
IMPALA shares the perspective of thousands of European independent music companies

The Finnish Music Export Award Is Given To Comusic Productions Ltd
Music Finland granted the first ever Finnish Music Export Award for the company behind Sunrise Avenue's success
Nuclear Holocaust Signs With Selfmadegod Records
New Album Coming Summer 2016
Nettwerk Music Group Acquires Benelux Independent Megadisc NV
Nettwerk Music Group announces that it has acquired the catalogue of music copyrights controlled by Gent
International Radio Festival Moves To EXPO City Milan, Italy, 7-10 April 2016
IRF takes another step in evolving its unique public on-air festival and conference format
Music Industry Innovation Saves UK Adele Fans £4.2m
Adele removed 18,000 'known or likely touts' from her pre-sale ticket release window
Round Hill Music Enters Into Worldwide Co-Publishing Deal With Rune Westberg
Accomplished Danish songwriter, record producer, mixer, and instrumentalist, Rune Westberg
Iceland's Leading Music Service, Tónlist.Is, To Be Powered By 7digital
Partnership to re-launch the first and only music service based in Iceland
Tesco To Stock Range Of Vinyl Albums After Huge Success Of Summer Trial
Included in the 20 disc range will be the eagerly anticipated new record by Coldplay
Commission Takes First Steps To Broaden Access To Online Content And Outlines Its Vision To Modernise EU Copyright Rules
Making EU copyright rules fit for the digital age
National Learn To Play Day 2016: Over 12,000 Free Music Lessons Across The UK
National Learn To Play Day is back for its fifth successive year on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th March 2016
Convention Committee Announced For Audio Engineering Society 140th International Convention In Paris, France
AES has announced the official Convention Committee for the 140th International AES Convention, set to take place June 4 to 7, 2016
SubBass Recruiting DJs To Play In Ibiza
Every year SubBass offers its students the chance to play in one of the biggest party destinations in the world - Ibiza
Fury to release "Lost in Space" in 2016
Publicist To Focus On Promoting Nashville Country Artists In The UK
UK's growing country scene is an exciting opportunity for both emerging and established artists