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Why you never hear from Dakota Fanning anymore

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To us, she'll always be the Uptown Girl that Brittany Murphy (RIP) taught to let loose and have fun, the beloved Sally from Cat In The Hat, and that uber mature five-year-old in I Am Sam. But mostly, Dakota Fanning will always be these things to us because we honestly haven't heard from her lately. Seriously, did she go off the grid? Elle Fanning popped up and suddenly Dakota Fanning disappeared. Are they not sisters, but actually the same person?

It could be the fact that her sister is literally a Disney princess, but girlfriend has been spending a lot of time in the shadows.

She's not eight years old anymore

Growing up a child star in Hollywood is easy for literally no one. Some people are able to figure it out while navigating a few pitfalls along the way (think: Jason Bateman and Drew Barrymore), but others are unable to break away from their childhood image and fall victim to obscurity, or worse, total destruction (think: Amanda Bynes). Clearly, Dakota Fanning, being the brilliant young lady she is, is taking the former route, sans the pitfalls that accompany a child star's young adult years. Rather than muss up her squeaky clean image in the tabloids to prove she's no longer 8 years old, we're pretty sure she's spending a couple of years under the radar and will return a young woman who has shaken the childish image of her early career. Think of her as a caterpillar, chilling in her cocoon, ready to emerge a beautiful butterfly.

Little sister Elle Fanning

When your little sister's breakout role is literally as a Disney princess opposite Angelina Jolie's brilliant Maleficent it's hard not to get left in the dust. Ever since her emergence as Princess Aurora, Elle Fanning has been the darling of Hollywood and the fashion world alike. As the sun rose on one of the Fanning sisters, it began to set on another. Even Dakota admitted to the Daily Mail that her little sister's fashion choices are enough to make her feel totally left in the dust. It's ok Dakota, you'll always be the fashion star of our hearts.

She's in a relationship

Check out that smoldering look. Who wouldn't want to disappear with that face for a good year or two? We all have that friend who disappears as soon as she gets a boyfriend (or girlfriend!) and it seems Fanning has become that friend. She's been seeing British model Jamie Strachan for over two years now and we're gonna speculate that she's spent those two years in a boyfriend black hole with him. Meaning, she totally disappeared as soon as she got a boyfriend and now that she's coming out of the honeymoon phase she's ready to grab dinner with her core group of girlfriends once every six months. We give it another 2 years before she's truly back in the limelight and out of the relationship black hole.

Everyone forgot she was in Twilight

Guys. She was in three of the Twilight movies, her name just isn't Kirsten Stewart, Robert Pattinson, or Taylor Lautner so no one remembers her. But she was in them. We promise. We looked it up on IMDB. She just kind of faded into the background of the vampires and you totally forgot. Or you had moved on to the Hunger Games saga. Or you still weren't over Harry Potter. Whatever it was, we promise that she was in there, you just didn't hear from her because, let's face it, she got totally overshadowed by the Kirsten Stewart lip biting action that took over every film. It's not that you haven't heard from this spitfire star, it's just that she keeps getting overshadowed. Which is fine because let's not forget, she's in her cocoon stage right now, ready to emerge a beautiful butterfly.

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