Friday, January 15, 2016

JD Walker

Artist Biography
JD was born in Kansas City, MO and grew up in Independence, MO. The youngest of 3 boys, he grew up in a middle class family. His Father was as an Airline Mechanic for one of the major airlines. His Mother was a Nurse taking care of the elderly and the home. JD's songwriting has been described as; Genuine and easy to identify with. A listener has no doubt that the subject is real and there's an absolute sincerity that comes out in his lyrics that makes it so genuine. No doubt that he writes and sings with a raw emotion and an unflinching truth. 

JD was introduced to music by his late Uncle who was a singer/songwriter and a recording artist. He performed on the Ozark Jubilee which led to an appearance on the Porter Wagoner show. Then making it to Nashville and singing in Ernest Tubb's Record Shop, then on to open up for some pretty big names in country music. JD first sang with his Uncle when he was young, then started singing in church and thechoir. He wrote poems, then started writing songs after graduating High School and always dreamed of becoming a songwriter and making a living with music. In his young adult life; JD experienced tragedy, trauma and turmoil. From being in the truck with his best friend when he was murdered, to losing the love of his life after his wife passed away from a rare form of cancer. Then 10 months later; he and his family suffered the loss of his brother. Through those difficult times he admits, he was living in some dark times and it took him a while to find himself. His faith grew stronger, he and his parents grew closer and today they are 2 of hisbest friends. Music and songwriting was his release. His feelings ended up pouring out. With all his trials and experiences they certainly gave him a lot to write about. 

JD had a lot of influences in music, from songwriters to major recording artist. He actually got his start working behind the scenes doing some handler work at concerts for some major recording artist. He ended up completing formal training and became certified as an instructor in Celebrity, Executive and Dignitary Protection. He was invited to come to Nashville and was introduced to others in the business, which he was asked to collaborate by other songwriters. Once he got a true taste of Nashville and the complete music making process that was all it took. For 3 years he split his time between Nashville and Missouri. It became harder for him to leave with meeting new friends and new opportunities arising. He knew where he needed to be and his heart and soul was always in music. He was offered a publishing deal, he went back and broke the news to his parents. A few months later, he packed up and made the permanent move to Nashville to follow his dreams. Shortly after settling in, his publishing deal fell apart. He was offered to be reimbursed for his move, but declined, thanked them for the offer but decided he was going to stay. Over the years he has had the opportunity to collaborate with some hit songwriters and has had a few of his songs put on hold by some major recording artist. For a day job, he holds a current CDL and he might be seen in a Big Rig pulling double trailers for FedEx Ground. 

JD is now working on an album of his own songs with a Grammy Nominated Producer Kent Wells. His first song "Too Far From Heaven" which he wrote, will be released to Country radio by GTR in Jan. 2016. JD gives first credit to God, the loving support of his family and close friends, all who understand what it takes and the sacrifices you have to make to accomplish your goals. With the tough roads he's traveled he's now on the right one and livinghis dream.

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